Parent to Parent of Virginia


All of the staff of Parent to Parent of Virginia have family members with disabilities. We understand the day-to-day struggles with being a parent or grandparent and have dedicated our lives to helping others in Virginia in need. Our staff includes Norma Draper, Cynthia Lantz, and Dana Yarbrough.  Here are our stories…

Norma Draper
Information Specialist, Petersburg and Tri Cities Area

Norma is a grandmother of a young man who has disabilities caused by shaken baby syndrome. She has been an advocate for people with disabilities for over 25 years, serving on numerous committees and Boards and providing Consumer-Directed Services Facilitation for Virginia’s Medicaid waivers.  Norma has worked for Parent to Parent of Virginia since 2003.

Cynthia Lantz
Information Specialist, Richmond Metropolitan Area

Cynthia has worked for Parent to Parent of Virginia since 2003.


Dana Yarbrough 2013

Dana Yarbrough
Executive Director, Statewide Support

Dana is the mother to Brooke, her young adult daughter who has significant physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities as a result of premature birth. Having disabilities is only a part of who Brooke is and it is Dana’s vision not to change Brooke…but to change the world around her. Since 1996, Dana has directed Parent to Parent of Virginia; volunteered with the Henrico Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children with disabilities who have been abused or neglected, and served on a variety of state and local advisory boards and committees. In addition to her work in the community and with Parent to Parent of Virginia, Dana directs Virginia’s largest parent to parent program—The Center for Family Involvement—located at the Partnership for People with Disabilities. Dana is a certified Special Education Transition Specialist; holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters Degree in Non-Profit Leadership, and in May 2014, will graduate with a Masters degree in special education secondary transition.
To see a video of Dana and Brooke talking about their journey, visit:

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